Monday, July 18, 2011

HTC Sensation 4G High Gloss TPU Crystal Candy Silicone Skin Case - Black

HTC Sensation 4G High Gloss TPU Crystal Candy Silicone Skin Case - Black Shock-Absorbing Protection, Stylish Looks, and Great Material! Do you just hate those hard case feelings in the palm of your hand? Or that rough rubber feeling against your face? Well you can get this TPU Silicone Cover Case for you HTC Sensation 4G! It has a semi-hard, semi-soft, flexible material that feels smooth when it touches your skin. Not only will it give your device the maximum protection from minor drops and damages, it will also keep your cell phone looking slick with its stylish glossy finish. Make sure your HTC Sensation 4G has it all with shock-absorbing protection, stylish looks, and great material! TPU Silicone = Maximum Durability This customized crystal skin candy case is constructed out of the strongest TPU material on the market! This means that the case will not tear or bend when used and will always remain in the same form to protect your phone. TPU silicone protects your phone from scratches, blemishes, dust, and provides some shock absorption due to it's enhanced durability characteristics. With this case installed, you can forget about any worries regarding the safety of your smart phone and the constant stress concerning the condition of your HTC Sensation 4G . Need some more convincing? Check out our video on how durable these faceplates are here Need More Protection? Grab one of our deluxe leather cases for your HTC Sensation 4G!


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